Albert Witchfinder’s (Azrael Rising, ex- Reverend Bizzare) Opium Warlords announce ‘Nembutal’ release date and details

Prolific Finnish musician (because any other word felt too restrictive for his wide scope) Sami “Albert Witchfinder”Hynninen’s Opium Warlords have announced a new album entitled Nembutal.

As you can imagine, a Finnish doom/drone metal album named after a medical barbiturate that has been historically used to cure convulsions or induce death isn’t going to be a thoroughly happy-go-lucky affair. That being said, Albert  has gone out of his way to state that Nembutal will be a departure from the extremely heavy and violent metal he is known for.  While the album absolutely retains much of the signature aggression the band is known for it also delves into more serene, depressive and pensive places than previous releases. 

Albert himself has said of the album: “This might be the best album I have produced so far… but then again my idea of music is completely fucked up.” And what is Zero Tolerance all about if not completely fucked up ideas of music?  

You can grab a taste of Nembutal with the first single, ‘A Heavy Heart’ here:

The album is due out on 4 December 2020 via Svart Records on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

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