Issue 109 Late-Spring/Summer edition

Obituary. More than three decades since they formed and they’re still cracking them out – as is Donald Tardy in his interview with Calum Harvie. Their (aptly titled) new full-length Dying Of Everything has been welcomed with outstretched arms by fans and critics alike. It’s a shame to think that in our 19 years we haven’t given the cover over to the Floridian death metallers… Maybe that makes it even more of a pleasure to do the honours this issue! I think it’s always interesting to hear from bands who have been around since the dawn of death metal – and more still from those who are still active, blasting through every change the industry’s endured, and, so it seems in Obituary’s case, staying as passionate about what they’re doing now as they did when they started out. Maybe even more so since time has allowed them to hone their skills and make music a fulltime career. Here’s to a couple more decades!

We also hear this issue from old hands Xentrix, Katatonia, and In The Woods, along with newer voices, including Scotland’s Hellripper who some time out to discuss their wonderfully titled Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags. Will Pinfold looked to Bosnia for his Notes From Underground black metal section, unearthing a few bands you’ve probably never heard of. Zoltar and Lord Randall took care of underground death and doom metal respectively; Lord Randall also caught up with England’s original eccentric Arthur Brown for this issue’s Last Words – you’ll find the spritely 80-year-old residing at the very end of the issue (Arthur Brown that is, not Randall!), and it’s a highly recommended read. Oh, and there’s an interview with the brilliant artist Mitchell Nolte for those interested in people who give releases their visual edge. The image below is a detail from one of his covers. I guess if there’s one thing you can rely on from ZT it’s that we’ll always go above and beyond in the search for content! I hope you enjoy the issue.

Lisa Macey

CD covermount tracklist 14 tracks including new music from the likes of Krvna, Grant The Sun, Inferion, Grimner, Witcher, Foul Body Autopsy and more!

Propaganda News snippets and this issue’s Maze Of Torment wordsearch.

Cover Feature Obituary’s Donald Tardy speaks to Calum Harvie on their latest release, Dying Of Everything.

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