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Advertising and CD covermount bookings are best made as far in advance as possible. We always try to accommodate late bookings provided these are made by the ad deadline and artwork reaches us by the relevant date.

Please note, when you advertise you’re paying for your advertising; you’re not buying features or positive reviews! That said, we’re always happy to discuss content with anyone and everyone who might have something worth considering, so if you would like us to think about features and reviews to coincide with advertising you might be planning in the magazine then it’s advisable to start these discussions early as possible as we have deadlines to meet.

IssueOnsaleAd deadlineCD deadline
105 New Year 28-02-2210-02-2209-02-22
106 Spring23-05-22 05-05-2205-05-22
107 SummerEND OF JULY!06-07-2204-07-22
108 Autumn15-09-2220-08-2210-08-22
109 Winter31-10-2215-10-2205-10-22
110 Year End15-12-2225-11-2220-11-22
111 New Year 30-01-2310-01-2306-01-23
Nb: The above dates are currently set with our distributor, but depending on delays due to Covid or whatever else might rear its head to disrupt production, they are subject to change. That said, if they do need to move at all, it will be a minimal adjustment.

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