Sarpanitum are back! UK’s tech-death masters have been confirmed for the ZT Winterfest at the Purple Turtle on the 15th of December! ZT had a few words with the band:


ZT: You are playing the upcoming ZT Winterfest. Are you looking forward to it? What are your thoughts on the line-up?


Tom innocenti (guitar/vocals): Yeah really looking forward to it. I really like Scythian who I’ve only seen live twice so that will be awesome. I’ve not heard BTK myself but I’ve heard good things about them from others including our drummer Steve.


Tom Hyde (guitar): I’m looking forward to it again as our last gig before our hiatus was the December 2008 ZT XMAS Fest so it’s really cool to be playing it again!


ZT: What’s next for Sarpanitum?


TH: Well we hope to do more and shows and finish writing our upcoming album by early next year as we are very anxious to play our most up to date material.


There’ll be more from Sarpanitum later, in the meantime check out Hyde and Innocenti playing new material in these clips:




Get your ZT Winterfest tickets now for only 7.50 HERE


The bill features Winterfylleth, Scythian, Basement Torture Killings and, of course, Sarpanitum.


Thanks for dropping in!

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