Chilean epic/doom metal devotees Procession recently completed their first domestic mini-tour. Aptly named “Iron Fist Of Dööm MMXI”, it comprised of five shows across the country.


This is what vocalist/guitarist Felipe Plaza Kutzbach, who’s lived in Sweden for a couple of years now, had to say about the trek: “Well, we could say that this mini-trip through Chile was something like a ‘personal debt’ we had with ourselves, as for some reason we never managed to put up something like this before. We always said that there wasn´t a proper doom metal scene the way we conceive it, but now things had changed a little bit and the amount of people attending the shows was the evidence of our doomed crime. We managed to share stage with friends and great bands like Condenados, Demonic Rage, Metal Grave and Axe Battler, among others (check them out). Highlights were definitely the gigs in Puerto Montt (extreme south, with 150 maniacs in a suffocating underground venue) and Santiago, where we closed the tour with around 200 bangers. One important thing we (as a band) realized, is that it feels like we´re are going “beyond” metal genres and “scenes” with all this, we really appreciate when we get feedback from death/thrash/black metal people that actually consider and feel what we are doing the same way we do. That speaks of a universal language: we all bury with the same hands and speak in the same tongues…
We´re only hoping this means that more promoters start getting interested on bringing bigger doom acts to our country, there´s dedicated people down there who deserve to see Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Solstice, Pentagram and Saint Vitus before they die!
As an anecdote, the venue in Santiago where we played the last gig, burnt down to ashes last week…”


You can watch a video of the track “Raven Of Disease” performed in Santiago HERE.


As previosly reported, Procession are now working on the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album “Destroyers of the Faith”, which was realeased via High Roller Records (vinyl) and Doomentia Records (CD) last year.

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