Bassist and vocalist Tomasz “Titus” Pukacki (44), the mastermind behind Polish long-running heavy metal unit Acid Drinkers has been recently engaged in a new musical project founded by extremely talented 14-years-old guitarist from Goleniów, Igor Gwadera. The band, going under the working name Anti-Tank Nun, have already recorded their first song “If you’re going through hell (keep going)” and are working on more.


“It would be a crime on rock’n’roll not to record music with the young fella. I’m not going to commit it. I was very surprised to see his album collection comprises mainly of the classic 80’s heavy metal releases, all the stuff I was raised on really. And no grunge at all! Igor’s guitar skills are amazing as well. We’ll see what’s coming next. The age difference is huge and we need to ‘sniff’ each other. We’re however sure to make it powerful and straight-forward, the way I always do”, told ZT Titus.


A video of the band’s premiere track was already taped on location at Rampa Club in Goleniów. Reportedly it will be available for streaming later this month.

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