Breaking the silence

After a very long hiatus from the daily churn, I am writing to give you a long-overdue update.

2023 was not an easy time for me, I had a number of personal things to deal with that were simply unavoidable, and ultimately something had to give.

It is therefore with a sense of relief, excitement and a lot of behind-the-scenes planning that we’re letting you know that all the pieces are finally in place to start moving forward.

Firstly, I am really pleased to announce that Paul Carter’s taken on a new role as commissioning editor; having worked on the review section for aeons, this broader role will see the super organised Paul take charge of the day-to-day where editorial content is concerned. Paul will be the all important link between thinking about a deadline and meeting it to make sure future issues of Zero Tolerance are consistently out, and on time. We’ve also made some changes under the hood including the way we lay the magazine out; why come back with exactly the same format when you can come back on steroids? I’m sure you’ll all like where we’re going with things.

We have our first date in the bag for our return issue, #110 – which will be back in the racks on 19 April 2024. If you keep an eye on our social media over the weeks ahead you’ll catch a few sneaky peeks at some of what’s in store.

To get things moving – and because everyone loves a good list – we’ll be revealing our Writers’ Best of 2023 Lists via our website in the next few days.

So hold on to your seats, the world’s best extreme music magazine is back and stronger than ever!

Lisa Macey

Thanks for dropping in!

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