It is with great pleasure that, in collaboration with our chums at Season Of Mist, we’re able to give you the chance to listen to the new album from Bastard Feast, ‘Osculum Infame’, in its entirety, right here, right now!


We hate to be pessimists, but since good things never last we’re sorry to say that this stream will spontaneously combust at precisely 23:59 CET on July 17. What can we say other than make sure you check it out before then; we don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you do, but you might be if you don’t!


And in case you’re wondering, or need a little nudge to have a free listen to an entire album(!), the term Osculum Infame, or The Shameful Kiss, was the supposed pledge of allegiance that witches of both genders applied to the devil’s anus according to the perverted fantasies of sexually repressed monks and preachers during the bloody soot stained times of the witch hunts. Delightful, right? Well, it fits perfectly with the kiss-my-ass-attitude Bastard Feast display on their second full-length album.


Formerly known as Elitist, Bastard Feast emerged on top of a new scene growing rapidly in the US. Hailing from Portland, Oregon the quartet’s roots are firmly in the hardcore scene, yet under the influence of early death metal in the vein of Morbid Angel, and a strong dose of black metal, their sound shifted to something as fresh as it is radical. The crusty spirit of sludgecore rears its ugly head in the chaotic structures, with screams of anger and disgust spewed forth by vocalist Joshua “Josh” Greene. This is met with the burning hatred of blazing guitars carrying the force of death and darkness of black metal. Loud and passionate, Elitist made the world pay attention; first with their self-titled EP in 2009, then with a split 7″ with Transient in 2011. Having shared stages with Carcass, Black Dahlia Murder and Rotten Sound amongst others, the Americans next unleashed the fury of their debut album Fear in a Handful of Dust (2011). Changing their moniker to Bastard Feast to avoid lengthy legal conflict, the band feel they have have upped their game with Osculum Infame, so have  a listen and see what you think.


Gotta have it? It releases later in July, but preorders are available here.

Osculum Infame full tracklisting:
1. Bloated City
2. Old Father
3. The Rats Through Our Veins
4. The Serpent Spoke
5. Noose Of Smoke
6. A Tribute To What We Stole
7. Watchful Defiler
8. Claustrophobic Of This World
9. Fields Of Black Cancer
10. Synthetic Messiah



Bastard Feast is:
Joshua Greene: vocals
Taylor Robinson: guitar
Nickolis Parks: drums
Justin Yaquinto: guitar
Jesse Apsy: bass






Thanks for dropping in!

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