ZT ISSUE 038 – The past? The present? The FUTURE.

Heads turn to the not-so-distant future in the 38th issue of the ZT saga as we rack our brains in search of the next best underground acts. The weird and wonderful Meads Of Asphodel receive a seven-page lashing resulting in one of the most obscure and hilarious interviews we’ve ever put to print – Black metal or Monty Python on LSD? You decide, as Alex de Moller comes face-to-mask with vocalist Metatron. Canadian legion Weapon bring their guns to bear as Will Pinfold approaches while New Zealand’s Diocletian smile and sharpen their blades, ever ready to decrease the surplus population. Finland’s own coffin spirits, Sargeist share secrets from the grave with MetalGeorge Pacheco as America’s post-black heroes Agalloch return their music to the earth from whence it came. All this and more in the final installment of our three-issue underground special. Look on as the sonic warriors of the future begin their struggle for the throne of the unknown, dig deeper as we examine the movements and so-called trends of today’s metal diehards. Follow Cormac O’Siochain into the great political shitstorm as he challenges extremists from both sides of the spectrum in the great antifa debate. Should political purists have a place in extreme music? Prepare for some of the world’s most controversial opinions – these ain’t the Sunday papers! Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill fires his catapult at the next generation, seemingly lost in a tangle of ignorance, dubious marketing and the world wide web. Aborym, Electric Wizard, Forbidden, God Dethroned and others get a thorough grilling from our interrogators and Powerlines gets grim as our power-electronics team delve into the unknown world of dark ambient and take on Lustmord, Yen Pox and Black Mountain Transmitter. None but the loudest magazine on earth could bring you bands like these, side-by-side with all of our usual content and inside information. Buy it. Read it. Spread dissent.

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