NWN! Fest Vol II. – Berlin or Nagasaki?

EVERYBODY NEEDS A CLEANSING… Whether that’s a wakeup call, a revelation or a beating, the outcome is the same. Following three nights of nuclear armageddon, the savage sounds of Germany’s Nuclear War Now! Fest Vol. II have irradiated all previous matter and left me empty handed. Walls have been broken, thoughts eroded and all that remains is bloodlust – a bestial, musical hunger that screams “Louder!! Heavier!! Faster!! AUSGEBOMBT!!” As the likes of Blasphemy, Mystifier, Dead Congregation, Order From Chaos, Ares Kingdom and Black Witchery took to the stage, a hail of sonic bombs were dropped on an unsuspecting crowd. Nuclear War Now! Fest Vol II. was the Dresden of extreme metal – an apocalyptic show of force, a deadly parade of black-market arms. Enough with the metaphors. The fest was enough to tell us all that the underground ethic will not and cannot die – so long as there are people like Yosuke Konishi (Commandant, NWN Productions) and underground metal’s so-called ‘legions’ (There really were legions this time). Diehards, bands, labels, promoters and zines – all of the feudal five were present, a reminder that this music belongs to us. Where else would you see the colours and cultures of the world clad in spikes and leather? All sides of the spectrum – Nazis, Neutrals and Antifa together in the same room, the former headbanging to the Afro-Satanic Mystifier like it wasn’t an issue? Who could unite all of these factions in one tenuous, temporary alliance but Blasphemy, Armando Beelzebubth and Pete Helmkamp? We need more events like NWN, MORE collaboration, MORE solidarity and more BOMBS! Keep those flyers passing, records spinning and punches flying. Let’s spread this war across the globe, one city at a time! Hails and thanks to Yosuke and Nuclear War Now! – We were proud to put our name to your event. Photo by Jack Latimer – www.laterus.co.uk

Thanks for dropping in!

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