1. To many Subvertio Deus is an obscure entity. Please introduce yourself. Also, what does the pseudonym Malaghôd stand for?


I began Subvertio Deus in 2005, solely composing all the music and lyrics to create dismal, disharmonic and dynamic black metal which I personally felt satisfied with. The name is Latin for ‘I subvert/overturn god’, though abusing the grammar as if the words were self-reflexive. To overturn the concept of a metaphysical absolute would lead to the nihilistic paradigm predicted by Nietzsche. The pseudonym Malaghôd is entirely meaningless, but binds the words ‘malignous’ and ‘god’ together.


2. To many there cannot be black metal without satanic ideology. Do you consider yourself a satanist, and if so what path do you follow? Traditional? CoS?


Neither of those paths. It would depend entirely on what Satan represents for an individual, which is often subordinate to their definition of god within a theological structure. To me, Satan exemplifies the absence of god, the ubiquitous, impervious void left in divine absence. It is only in this way that I would consider myself a satanist. I do believe, per contra, that there is no black metal without negativity, evil and hate.


3. Could you reveal to us the lyrical themes on ‘Psalms…’?


Of course. The themes have changed profoundly since ‘Psalms of Perdition’, but it focused on the philosophical idea of solipsism. I believed all to be manifest through me and had sought transcendence through self-mortification and the psychological deterioration brought about through such fanatical radical scepticism. This had led to depression and a surreal depersonalisation where reality had become fragmentary. ‘Psalms…’ was my personal path to ruin and perdition.


4. What bands have influenced you most?


I’m influenced more by trying to create an ominous, chaotic and surreal atmosphere, rather than imitate particular bands. Many different bands, however, have been rather inspirational including Bethlehem, Ondskapt, Deathspell Omega, Dissection, Hellhammer, Antaeus, Disembowelment, early Bathory and Mayhem, as well as composers such as Shusaku Uchiyama and Akira Yamaoka.


5. The sound and atmosphere on your debut are immense! How was this achieved?


Thank you. The album was engineered, mixed and mastered by our ex-drummer Torn at his studio. He also released the demo tape via his label Black Ritual Records. He is responsible for the dark and horrific density of sound, though I haven’t spoken to him in two years.


6. What are your thoughts on today’s UK metal scene?


I have no distinct interest in the British scene, bands are laudable for their own quality, not their place within a national scene. However there is currently a very active climate in the underground due to the close integration of a few newly emerging bands and excellent promoters such as StrataNael, Meat Fiddler, Sleeveless, Sirius and Eilean Dubh. On the other hand, modern methods of communication has exacerbated the extent to which local ‘scenes’ and dedicated musicians can be tainted by trends. It’s a double edged sword.


7. Subverio Deus will play the BlackDeath Assault on the 4th of December. Are you looking forward to the gig? What can we expect from a Subvertio Deus live appearance and what inspired you to start playing live?


Absolutely. It will be great to share the stage with such great bands. I initially had no intention of ever performing live with Subvertio Deus, though the decision to change that is not very complex at all: it seemed like a useful outlet for my anger. Along with drummer I.V.S. who is a full-time member of the band, we have acquired other devotees to partake in live rituals. As for what to expect, I cannot predict that anymore than yourself.


8. What can we expect in the future from Subvertio Deus? Is a follow-up to 2008’s full-length planned?


We plan to record four newly completed tracks as part of a split with Scottish progressive black metal band, Haar. Once completed we intend to seek out a label who may be interested in invoking life into this release. Our half of the split will be a new EP titled ‘Nihilum Infandum’, exploring the absurdity and pain of human existence, delving ever further into madness, death and decay.


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Check out the official website HERE.

Subvertio Deus will perform at the BlackDeath All-Dayer at the Grosvenor on the 4th of December. See Event’s page HERE.

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