I remember a few years ago when I was first introduced to Scumface. It was a cold night in the East Midlands, I was in a workshop (the actual tools and machines kind not the alcohol rehabilitation kind) and I thought to myself, what this party needs is more songs about being hit in the face with bricks! Lo and behold two guys from Manchester appeared as if by magic and delivered exactly that, playing thirty second hardcore songs the likes of which Black Flag and Minor Threat would revel in but with lyrical themes ranging from the strange to the downright ridiculous…Oh and Alan Sugar!


So it is that since that encounter many moons ago, Scumface have added a third member and have steadily been going from strength to strength whilst many of their ilk have slowly drifted away. ZT caught up with chief oddball, guitarist and vocalist Mike Hyslop to discus touring, their new split EP with Footprints in the Custard and kebabs… This from a band who said they were only ever going to play house shows!


ZT: Firstly who are Scumface, what are you about, why should people come see you on your tour and how is it going so far?


MH: We’re a silly punk band from Manchester, we’re about a little light hearted fun, you should come see us ’cause we’ve hit about a billion little setbacks on this tour, but it’s all worth it if people show up. It’s going well so far, or the shows are anyway.


ZT: You just released a brand new Split EP with Footprints in the Custard. Any outside influences go into that? (Other than bricks, kebabs or Alan Sugar)


MH: Lyrical themes like fighting, Buckfast, shouting, poor hygiene, breakfast, bees, vomit, poo, chips and Sonic the Hedgehog.


ZT: You’ve actually been around quite some time, why the wait for the EP?


MH: Partly laziness. Now was the time to record though, after getting a (human) bass player in the fold and settled in. It took us 7 years to churn out 15 minutes of music, so I guess we’ll have an album out in about 2035.


ZT: So what’s the story behind ‘I’ll Give You 20 Quid to Fuck Off’?


MH: 90% of our songs, if not more than 90% are about absolutely nothing. This one is no exception!


ZT: How are the boys in Footprints…? Have you ever gone on a full tour with them before?


MH: We’ve not gone on a full tour with anyone! This is a big first for us and despite everything that could have gone wrong going wrong on the logistical side, it’s going great for both of us. Glasgow was by far the best gig we’ve ever played. Total carnage.


ZT: Some years ago you vowed that you’d never actually play venues, why the change of heart?


MH: We were a bit of a lame fuck around back then. An intended flash in the pan that’d do a few house shows for a laugh. People were really receptive to it though, and an offer to play Download Festival in 2007 changed everything.


ZT: What does the rest of 2013 hold for Scumface, and Footprints… for that matter?


MH:  Well at the moment we’re on our only night off on the tour. We’ve done 3 shows and we’ve got a 5 left. After that we’re going to think about churning out an album, and we’re both doing gigs with Kunt and the Gang in October.




You can download Scumface’s split EP with Footprints in the Custard here.


Catch Scumface and Footprints… on Tour:



Mar 1 Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham, UK


Mar 2 The Retro, Bar Manchester, UK



Scumface with Kunt and the Gang



Oct 24 The Flapper Birmingham, UK


Oct 25 The Hairy Dog Derby, UK


Oct 26 Racehorse Northampton, UK



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