Glory be! Chris Barnes, of Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under renown, has a new side project.


The band’s called iHate. It’s got a Facebook page, but there’s little more to be found there than a picture of Mr. Barnes covered in tomato sauce. No other member info – nothing, in fact, beyond the words “violent music”.


I almost can’t help wondering whether iHate might be some kind of solo venture for Chris. In any case, earlier this week Barnes tweeted that it was, in his words, “time to unleash this sickness,” before posting a link to the “band’s” first video.


If you haven’t seen ‘n’ heard it yet, the track’s called ‘Stretcher’ and captures Mr. B in full Admiral-Ackbar-after-20-years-of-Red-Marlboros mode, growling away about killing some poor woman.


How does it sound? Well, I’ll refrain from editorialising and just tell it like it is: Chris Barnes reciting a monologue over a series of riffs that venture no further than the fifth fret, while what sounds suspiciously like a drum machine thrums away in the background.


As for the video, it’s exactly what you’d expect – i.e. a scene that could’ve been lifted from any old straight-to-DVD horror movie. But happily (if bewilderingly) Chris has added subtitles to the vid to ensure that no-one misses a single word of the song’s thought-provoking and doubtless heartfelt lyrics.


“You fucking whore, I’ll make you pay/You goddamn slut, you’ll feel my pain” – you’ll all be able to sing along at home!



There’s currently no further info to be found about iHate on the web, but I’m sure Chris won’t keep us waiting long for more. Glory be…

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