Fusing old school thrash with power metal class with a modern day edge, Edge Of Attack have got the shredding guitar skills, soothing yet haunting vocals and thunderous drum beats that are catchy yet satisfyingly addicting. This is Edge Of Attack!


1. So Edge Of Attack, where does one get a name like that?


I guess it goes back to the Pirate Days.


2. Who’s all in the band and who does what?


Roxanne Gordey – Lead Vocals

Doug Whipple – Lead guitar/backup vocals

Kayle Silvaniuk – Rhythm guitar

Dallas Dyck – Bass/backup vocals

Trevor Swain – Drums


3. So your style of choice is old school thrash meets power metal vibe with a modern day twist?


Doug: Exactly. The new album leans more towards the power metal sound, but we still have the element of thrash in there.


4. Grande Prairie, Alberta is your homeland, can you tell me about?


Dallas: It’s cold.

Doug: It’s warm. Haha

Roxanne: It’s windy & dirty.

Trevor: It’s a country music town.


5. “Forever” is currently up for grabs as a free MP3 why did you want to release it for free? Would you consider it to be your first single somewhat?


Roxanne: We want to make it as easy as possible for people to hear it.

Trevor: The song represents a new era for Edge of Attack.


6. What do you think about downloading music online?


Trevor: It’s a double edged sword – it takes away profits from musicians but it also gets your name out there.


7. You compared that song to similar styling’s to that of Bullet for my Valentine, I’d have to agree are they part of the influence circle?


Doug: Initially they were an influence, but not so much anymore.


8. You were able to make and release a video for “Losing Control” how did that all come together? Have you had any progress for a follow-up?


Doug: We had a producer come to us to make the video, and there are definite plans for a new music video in motion.


9. Tell me about your “No Return” release.


Trevor: No return was the very early stages of EOA the sound has grown substantially since then.


10. Now what about your full-length album “Where Angels Die” is the title you plan to go with or have things changed for the better?


Doug: Where Angels Die was the next step towards our new sound, In terms of the name the new album will most likely be self titled.


11. The line-up that you have as of right now is that the way to go or do you see some change ups to happen or are you all good to go?


Kayle: I really enjoy this lineup! Every member is now a part of my brethren!


12. Who writes the songs, what are they about?


Doug: I write most of them, Kayle writes some of the lyrics. The new album has a couple songs written by Dallas and Trevor as well.  We hope that people read our lyrics in their own way.


13. How do you promote your band and shows?


Roxanne: The internet is a great tool we have our website – www.edgeofattack.com, Facebook, MySpace, as well as radio, flyers and word of mouth.


14. Describe your show, visual and musically.


Kayle: Its very high energy.  Visually, it’s like watching a group of awkward sweaty people flail around aimlessly, and one girl trying to dodge our flying headstocks!  It’s accidentally acrobatic.


15. What inspires you to do what you do?


Dallas: It’s a rage outlet for me. Haha

Doug: I`ve been playing guitar since I was 10 and I heard Black Sabbath’s Paranoid.

Roxanne: I`m a thrill seeker, the adrenaline rush from being on stage is addictive.


16. How does music affect you and the world around you?


Dallas: Music is our world!


17. Is that your final answer?


No nothing is final, can I use a lifeline?


Check out the official website HERE.

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