ZT: You take inspiration from the old school Norwegian black metal genre, but there seems to be lot more to Numen than that, with some folk influences and a ‘nature’ vibe coming across in your sound. Do you think this is a fair assessment – how would you personally describe your sound?


JABO: I think I agree with that description, Nume’s black metal approach is rooted in our own culture and history. In four words:  BASQUE CULT BLACK METAL!!!!


ZT: It mentions on your Metal Archives page that you are inspired by ‘Basque legends’ – are there any particular examples of this in your lyrics, and what other themes inspire you lyrically?


JABO: In our lyrics, we sing about how lost our connection to nature and our ancestors tradition’s are. Instead people embrace a religion that makes their identity and culture lost. The day whom nature beings will awaken is coming, that day, those who are wounding the earth will tremble!


ZT: What were the reasons for re-issuing the self-titled album, originally out in 2007?


JABO: First issue was sold out and only was distributed in Spain and Portugal. This re-issue is an opportunity for us to make this work known abroad. This is the work with most dedication so far for us, so we think it worth being shared outside. It wasn´t released before, is beacuse of the problems ocurred with the labels involved after the recording of the album.


ZT: How did you sign with LADLO productions?


JABO: We first met a LADLO guy in Paris, we had a gig in Cernnunnos Pagan fest. He told us that he was interested in releasing our material, and the next thing we knew, he was working on it. Everything has happened so fast. People at Ladlo productions are proving to be so serious in doing their business. They’re doing interesting promo work, certainly we are satisfied.


ZT: Are you working on any new material for release in the near future, and how will new stuff differ from older material?


JABO: Now we are focused on live venues. When the last CD was released we weren´t able to promote it properly because of band formation problems. But now that the band is completed we will have to grow those ideas that we’ve been seeding last years. There’s new material but so much work is remaining to be done.


ZT: Do you have any plans to visit the UK on tour?


JABO: At the moment we have two gigs in Madrid and Barcelona, and we are working in some French dates. Once those are done, we will like to play at every place we will have oportunity to do it. If the opportunity is provided to us for playing in UK, of course we’ll do it. We will be delighted to play a stage on the island. We have been there with other musical projects, in Manchester and London specifically, and those were incredible days. We hope to have the opportunity to fly there.


Numen – Numen is available now through LADLO Productions.




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