Kissin’ Dynamite supply more glam, glitz and girls than a Miss World aftershow party. With a new album under their studded belts, Paul Castles spoke to the German hair metal hellraisers.

ZT: Hi guys, thanks for talking with Zero Tolerance. Guess you’re all pretty excited about your new album Generation Goodbye?
We’re damn proud of it and can say, that it’s probably our best so far.

ZT: What was the approach of the band when making this record?
For this album, we separated from our former producer for the first time because Hannes is a producer himself and has so good skills in the meantime, that he could do it by himself. Like that, we had a lot more control about what we really wanted to do and how the album should sound.

ZT: Has it turned out as you hoped or were there any changes made during the production process?
We actually didn’t think so much of how we wanted it. We just kept on writing songs, which worked like from itself this time. But yes, we wanted to keep the modern touch of Megalomania, but add a bit more old school rock n’ roll attitude like on MSP and I think, we combined it quite properly.

ZT: When your debut album Steel of Swabia came out in 2008 you were teenagers – do you feel your sound has evolved since then?
It’s evolved tremendously. Back then, we had no real concept. The songs were too diverse, we hadn’t found our sound yet. But over the years we kept on working on this and getting a view for it. And with Generation Goodbye, it really feels like coming home, although this journey’s probably never over.

ZT: When you first came together were you all naturally drawn to the glam side of metal?
In the very beginning it was less glam, but more the old big heroes like AC/DC and Iron Maiden. But soon, also glam bands like Guns n Roses, Mötley Crüe and Poison inspired us. They just had those sweet melodies we’ve always liked and still have in our songs. It’s not cool to always be evil. It’s boring. Bring a versatility to what you do.

ZT: So we probably won’t be getting too many songs on the current state of the EU, then?
I have to say that this album refers the most to problems like the state of the EU. This time, we really wanted to say something. We wanted to reflect our generation and all the unnecessary problems our society has. People think, happiness lies in might over others and money and so they create bullshit like in the EU for instance.

ZT: You’re usually seen as a younger Guns N Roses or Motley Crue – are you happy with that association?
We have no problem with this comparison, because we know, that we’re no dumb copy, but add our own modern touch to it. So many times, I’ve heard now, that there is a certain Kissin’ Dynamite – sound, which is the best thing that can happen to a band.

ZT: How important is the stage show with Kissin’ Dynamite?
Performing live is the highest and best thing you can do as a band. It really can be magic, because you interact directly with the fans. That’s what it’s all about.

kissin dynamite

ZT: What tour plans have you in place around the new album?
Currently, we’re doing several summer festivals. In the Fall, we’ll have a massive Europe tour and next spring, there’s gonna be another European leg. This December we’re even in Ukraine for the first time!

ZT: Any summer festivals on the agenda?
We’re set to play at Masters of Rock in the Czech Republic and Rock the King in Füssen, Germany + the Full Metal Cruise 2017.

ZT: Do you have to take additional supplies of hair products when you’re on the road for a long time!?
Haha, not anymore so much. But of course, we’ve all got our beauty bags with us, including make-up and everything. You just have to look sexy on stage :-)

ZT: The old glam bands usually had a reputation with the women – has this rubbed off on you (so to speak!)?
I guess, it’s in our nature. Women are something beautiful, praise the lord for them! But for this album, we had something else to say what was quite important for us, so there aren’t as many songs about women and sex anymore, but it doesn’t mean that we’ve become prudish ;-)

Thanks for dropping in!

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