Stilla premiere track from upcoming Skuggflock album

ZT have teamed up with our friends at Nordvis for a UK exclusive premiere from the upcoming Stilla album Skuggflock.

August 19th will see the third offering from Stilla arrive. The band returns with another monumental recording, Skuggflock (Shadowpack), that fuses aggressive, beautiful and melancholic metal together in an immersive and potent style. After two years of silence, Stilla re-emerge from the shadows building on the rugged sound we first experienced on their 2013 album Till Stilla Falla. Skuggflock sees the band blend their own unique style of Scandinavian black metal with inspiration and emotions not far removed from what prog-rockers Goblin achieved with Dario Argento back in in the 70’s.
Stilla – Skuggflock (CD/LP/DIGITAL)

1. Irrfärd
2. Vårens sista önskan
3. Skuggflock
4. Till den som skall komma
5. I tystnad vilar själen
6. Av maran riden
7. Ett inre helvete – ett yttre helvete

Release date: August 19

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