Hailing from the farthest corner of the globe, Australia’s Portal have been hard at work crafting their new album, due to hit the streets 19th February, 2013.  It has been nearly three years since their previous effort (2009’s Swarth) hit the awaiting public, and in that time, Portal had been busy with their touring schedule, as well as the other commitments band members have.  However, mainman Horror Illogium assures the masses that this will no doubt be up to the band’s standard as a solid, well-thought out album when he stated “Death metal is very special when done right, before it became over polished and lost all of its spirit. We simply intended to spend more time on getting the songs as tight and effective as possible,”  before describing their new effort is “progressively uglier at times, more dreadful at others.”  The band’s label, Profound Lore, commented on the new work by stating that it is “the most dense and biggest sounding Portal album to date. The death metal psychosis has taken a new twisted life of its own.”


In the three year gap between albums, the band certainly hasn’t been slacking, with various tours mixed into their songwriting process.  Illogium explained that the band “had the opportunity to tour America and perform at Maryland Deathfest.  Upon our return we immersed ourselves in creating the new album.  Of course we already had 1 or 2 songs written by that time and the rest was written and arranged over many months.  We made several studio demos until we felt that the songs crush with the right impact.”


Portal’s new endeavor will also showcase the appearance of new member Omenous Fugue on bass.  As Illogium explains though, this will certainly add to their mix, saying “He has a great sense of the bizarre and twisted and fits with us very well,” adding in that Omenous is “mainly a guitarist but only plays bass in Portal,” leading one to only further conclude that his addition to the band will only be a new approach to bass, but that he fits into their sound like that perfect puzzle piece. 


Described as “the most aesthetically powerful and the most unique band in death metal today” by their label, Portal blur the lines of black metal, death metal, atmospheric swirls, and all-out hellish soundscapes, crafting a unique approach to extreme music that keeps their audience busy deciphering the various bits of their music.  When asked if the band will be hitting the road abroad to support their new album, Illogium simply replied “If we get another opportunity like we did in 2010, and the timing works for us all.  It is a massive undertaking to tour internationally from Australia.”



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