Polish death metal heads GORTAL have announced that the band’s second full-length album “Deamonolith” will be released within less than a month via their countryfellow Pagan Records.


Gortal’s guitarist Major issued ZT with a comment on the forthcoming stuff: “We are devoted to classic death metal and we ignore trends and fashion. If You expect modern plastic production and arrangements, just do not listen to us. If you still read it, check out our deamon and expect merciless blast beats, crushing tempo changes, thrilling riffs & solos inspired by  the ghosts ov early 90ties. Everything emphasised by powerful furious growls!


The album’s tracklisting is as follows:
1. D.F.C.
2. Crimens Sollicitationis
3. Doombringer (the song is available for streaming HERE)
4. Deliver Into Suffering
5. Deamonolith
6. Dreaming of Being Dead
7. Supernal Refuse
8. Cult of The Cloth
9. I Come in Peace

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