BBC News reports that Burzum’s Varg “Count Grishnakh” Vikernes’ trial in France has been postponed to June 2014, following his lawyer’s request that more time be granted for the reading of relevant documents in preparation of his defence.


The French government isn’t done with Varg Vikernes just yet. He will stand trial and the allegations are serious: Inciting Racial Hatred and Exalting War Crimes in connection with his alleged xenophobic and anti-Semitic blog posts.  The hearing was scheduled for yesterday, October 17.


Vikernes and his wife were arrested, and then released in July this year on suspicion of plotting a major terrorist attack. All charges in this relation were dropped. In August he declared his intention to sue the French authorities for arresting them and to ask his supporters to collect money in order to afford to sue them.


Vikernes states on his blog:  “They have no reason to charge me with anything, as I have broken no French laws! As I see it this is just part III of the Socialist government’s terror campaign against me and my family, seemingly motivated by their apparent contempt for free speech and individual freedom of thought and hatred for everyone who disagrees with them and who works against their genocidal agenda.”



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