David Tiso and company continue to tease their upcoming new album Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness with a new track available for streaming.


How exactly do you follow up a concept album revolving entirely around your dog? Well, according to Italian jazz-influenced weirdos Ephel Duath you start by putting together some of the best music of your entire career. Sporting a line-up that features drummer Marco Minnemann of Necrophagist and Bryan Beller of Dethklok alongside vocalist Karyn Crisis and project mastermind David Tiso — these four come together to create the truly mind-bending metal that you’ll find on Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness.


Shaped By Darkness is a winding mid-tempo dirge of dissonance and off-kilter riffs and acts, aptly, as the album closer. You can stream the lyric video in full below, courtesy of Lambgoat:




And if that particular brand of jazz-influenced madness was your cup of tea, then you can pick up Hemmed by Light, Shaped By Darkness through Agonia Records on the 19th of November. Pre-order information is available here, through the Agonia Records webstore.

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