Norwegian avant-garde/black metal innovators Ulver will be traipsing round Europe in 2014 for what promises to be a curious yet memorable run of dates.


Not ones to stick to any kind of rule book (as witnessed on this year’s orchestral album Messe I.X-VI.X) the 12 European dates are sure to be more than your average metal show. Having experimented with everything from black metal, folk and electronica both live and on record, they’ve already laid out some of their fascinating plans for these gigs.


The band said: “So, yes. We will be doing a few concerts next year. To those of you wondering what to expect we can reveal that the February dates will consist of partly new and improv-based material, likely to revolve around motifs already familiar to our familiars. We had a good experience doing just that (improv) in Oslo in August, so a more free-ranging form is what we are aiming for this time.


“We are looking forward to getting out there, and hope for some interesting music to be born those evenings and nights. We also aim to document some of it for those of you who cannot come.”


So while there may be no UK date as of yet, it looks like fans from this small island will at least be able to get some sense of the improvised material whether through a live album, DVD or interpretive dance. And knowing Ulver it could well be any of those.


The dates coincide with the release of Ulver’s split with Sunn O))) which is set to be released in February 2014 via Southern Lord Records. For more information click here.

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