New Jersey’s underground death/thrash assassins Sacrificial Blood have signed to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions for the release of their new album. SoulS For Sale will be out on 14 January 2014 .


Sacrificial Blood have been a very active band since their formation in 2003. Their works include demos and split releases with other US bands (Deceased…, among others), the Unholy Fucking Hatred debut full length of 2011 and the live album of 2013.


Now, Sacrificial Blood are about to release their second album via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. “New Jersey’s deathrashing heavy metal maniacs return with an all new full length of insanity and mayhem. SoulS For Sale crushes the false and is Sacrificial Blood’s strongest material to date with eight original tracks, plus a mystery bonus track. For fans of Autopsy, Cianide, Death, Deathstrike, Deceased, Frigid Bich, Massacre, Master, Possessed, NME, Post Mortem, early Slayer and Scepter,” the statement reads giving a clear picture of where the band stands at this time.

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