The always random and unique Melvins have recently announced that a special treat is in store for the fans in attendance at their upcoming London shows.  Set to take place at Electric Brixton, concert-goers will witness four albums and one EP performed in their entireties; Sunday 19th May will feature the “Egg Nog” EP as well as the “Lysol” and “Houdini” albums, with Monday 20th May having performances of “Bullhead” and “Stoner Witch.”


Speaking to ZT, drummer Dale Crover explained that the ideas for this show stem from their residency at Los Angeles’ Spaceland in January 2011, where the band played every Friday night.  “To make every show unique, we would play a different album every week, along with a more “regular” set,” continues Crover.  “We had already performed Houdini, Egg Nog and Lysol live before, and decided on Bullhead and Stoner Witch.”  When asked why the band chose these specific albums now, Crover said “Probably because they were the easiest to learn.  Why now?  Because we went to the trouble of learning all these songs.”


In true Melvins fashion though, each one of these albums will altered for their respective live performances.  “We’re not trying to play these albums verbatim. We’ve worked out the albums for a live situation. A lot of the songs had never been played live before, until we started doing these residency shows.”


Venue information and ticket purchases are available here.

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