It’s been about three years since the UK was graced with live performances from the black sheep of their musical world known as Dragged Into Sunlight.  However, the public will soon be aurally tortured when these misanthropes pack up their gear and hit the road on the home turf for a one week tour in late May, alongside Ashford’s Bossk, who haven’t toured the UK in six years.  The anticipation brewing is certainly enough to excite both bands, specifically Dragged Into Sunlight who commented that this tour is “fueled by what we know awaits, creating the trail of self-destruction and annihilation that most bands achieve in 3 months, in the space of 5 days.”


The upcoming trek is in support of their new release, “Widowmaker,” which hit the streets last November and was summed up by one of their anonymous members as “yet another tentacle to the body of sound that comprises Dragged Into Sunlight.”  This latest body of work was quite a departure from their previous studio effort, 2009’s “Hatred for Mankind,” and the anonymous spokesman further explains that is was a more demanding process that they were used to, but was perhaps needed when he continues that the collective “strives for difference and will not repeat the same patterned behavior” of their previous work.  “There are bands whose first album could be their third album, and in our humble opinion, there is something extremely dysfunctional to be said for creativity in art when your first recording can be confused with your third recording,” he continues.  “Dragged Into Sunlight will not be boxed in and there will never be a creative overlap as such a narrow path does not benefit those involved and, of course, Dragged Into Sunlight is a completely selfish endeavor.”


Given that these band members are spread out and have personal lives, it could easily be understood why the UK hasn’t seen a live show from them in quite a while, but as it was explained by the band, the touring prospects abroad were quite enticing and rewarding for them, and maintained their touring focus for the last short while.  Still, they haven’t forgotten their homebase and are anxious to see their fans this May.  “We are particularly minded that our pending dates with Bossk in May 2013 have been a very long time in the making and like a plague upon your houses, the worst is yet to come for the UK.”


When asked if they had any words for their UK fans to prep them for this attack, the reply was only a chilling “Misery forever.”


A promo video for the tour can be seen here.

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