Frank Mullen sent tremors through the death metal world when he revealed that he would no longer be performing with Suffocation full time on 23 October 2012.  Yesterday, the frontman and vocalist has issued a follow up statement to his interview with Horns Up Rocks clarifying that he is “not leaving Suffocation;” however, “massive, one-month-long touring on my side cannot be done anymore.”


The band “respects this decision that Frank has made,” but assure fans that “by no means does this mean Suffocation will ‘replace’ him with a new singer.”


In the past, Bill Robinson of Decrepit Birth has filled in for Frank when needed.  While the band has yet to announce a fill-in singer (although they claim it will be soon,) the internet is rife with (unsubstantiated) rumours that Bill will be asked to step up to the plate again.


With a new album [Pinnacle of Bedlam] on the horizon, Suffocation have no intention of relaxing their touring schedule; however, it is touch and go whether Frank will be there.


Watch the original interview here:

Photo credit: Loudwire

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