Fast-paced, with vocals hitting you from three different directions; melodies layered in between those crushingly heavy riffs—who else could it be but Bloodshot Dawn?

UK death thrashers, Bloodshot Dawn, have released a brand new single, “Theoktony,” and when ZT spoke to the band about their latest studio adventures, we found  out about something else just as brutally awesome:  ALL of the proceeds from this track will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation*—and we’d say that’s the most metal way to promote your music.

“Lyrically the song is about not letting your life be dictated by others, omnipotent or otherwise,” said drummer/vocalist, Doug Anderson. Some may see the title (literally meaning ‘the death of a god/all gods’) as bible bashing, or blasphemous. If people wish to read into it this way they can, but it’s more about questioning your beliefs, not being a blind follower, a sheep.”

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered at Envy Studios in Hampshire by Jack Stephens and Rich Worrall, shortly before the band departed on an extensive October UK tour with Xerath and Decapitated.

On November 15th, they’ll be taking it to Japan for an “Extreme Metal Over Japan” tour with Swedish melodic death group, Deals Death, before rounding off the year in December with a tour in India featuring Flayed Disciple.  Finally, they’ll be hitting up “Indian Metal Fest” (awesome name, we know!) with Xerath, Cerebral Bore , Gojira and more!


DOWNLOAD THE SINGLE for only 75p (that’s $1.20, for the Americans out there!)





*Sophie Lancaster Foundation:
This amazing charity was created to support those who carve their own unique paths in life.  Supporters of this foundation aim to fight the epic battle against prejudice and intolerance for the souls who do not follow cultural norms.

“Our own path we shall follow
As the world sees itself in new light”

Well said, Bloodshot Dawn!


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