Germany’s old school death metal worshippers CHAPEL OF DISEASE have finished working on their debut full-length outing “Summoning Black Gods”. The album, featuring 8 brand new songs of pure rotten death metal influenced by early Death, Pestilence, Asphyx, Morbid Angel and Possessed, is due out on December 8th and will be available as regular CD, LP (3 different versions) and digital download.


The band’s frontman Laurent told ZT the band are more than happy now: “Well, shit the bed, we’re all done with the recording of our first full-length. I used to think that recording an album would be all fun and exciting, but I truly must say, that there is more behind it than I thought. We ‘produced’ this piece all by ourselves. Meaning we recorded it in the world famous ‘Junkyard Studios’, which one could simply call our rehearsalroom, and later I mixed the whole piece at my place. We just felt like it’s a good idea to take care of your sound all by yourself as long as you know some basics on recording and mixing. The whole process- recording, mixing and mastering (it was mastered by our good friend Erkan Tatoglu)- took us about 3 months or so and I must say, that it can be quite exhausting from time to time, since you start to look at your music in a sort of technical way and even tho’ you’re confident about your songs, you always wonder how the album will turn out at the end of the day and what people might think about it.
But all of us must say, that we are really happy with the outcome of it. The album just has an own touch to it, it doesn’t sound like stuff you can find from any other band calling themselves death metal. The actual sound of it is solid and doesn’t seem to be overdone or too clean and the songs to me sound heavy enough to tear one’s ears apart.
People that were into our demo will definitely be into this piece of waste. On the one hand the songs are still sticking to this traditional old school death sound, but then again, one should notice that we as a band have more to offer than just that. The single songs are much more varied than the demo was but still the album seems to harmonize in its’ inner self. To me the album is the only logical outcome after our ‘Death Evoked’ demo. What pleasures us the most is that one can definitely sense a sort of ‘Chapel Of Disease – Sound’. It’s not just sounding like band x and band y from the late 80s or early 90s, it is furthermore simply sounding like that one band… Chapel Of Disease”.


The song “Descend To The Tomb” is available for streaming at THIS LOCATION.


CHAPEL OF DISEASE are planning a couple of shows in the UK by the end of January/early February. More info on this will be made available soon.

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