Slugcrust prepare to pile on the agony

When questioned as to the content of their new single ‘Drag Me to Agony,’ Slugcrust warn us: “This track is a writhing prayer amid the unfulfillment of torment; the paralytic plea to a demonic audience, asking them to flay my skin and wear it as desperate means to take me to Hell.”

That will come as no surprise to fans of the formidable South Carolina grind quartet. ‘Drag Me to Agony’ is the second track to be taken from their forthcoming debut album, Ecocide, set to land with a bang on September 9, via Prosthetic Records.

Depravity is a recurring theme throughout the lyrics and Slugcrust only know the one way to play – fast, so prepare for a bumpy ride fuelled by uncompromising political activism when watching the video right here….

The album was engineered by guitarist Derick Caperton, before being mixed and mastered by Cody Davidson of the mighty Sanguisugabogg. Although primarily embedded in grindcore, Slugcrust also dabbles in crust punk and even doom to bring together their ominous, explosive take on extreme metal.

Ecocide tracklisting:
1. Demise Promise
2. Drag Me to Agony
3. Buzzard Czar
4. No Heirs / Dead Souls
5. Echoless
6. Arachno-Mariticide
7. Petrochemical
8. Scoundrel / Wraith
9. Swamp Mind
10. Juris Domina
11. Ecocide
12. Event Horizon

Pre-orders are available here.

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