Will you fall for Spellbook’s Deadly Charms? You’ll know in September…

“The material has new life injected into it while still maintaining the adventurous ’70s hard rock sound we strive for,” says Spellbook drummer Nick Zinn about new album Deadly Charms, the band’s follow-up to 2020’s Magick & Mischief. “It … does seem a bit more focused [than Magick & Mischief]. We love how the overall vibe has a more anthemic feel.”

Due for release via Cruz Del Sur on 23 September 2022, and recorded in February at Developing Nations in Baltimore, Maryland with producer/engineer Kevin Bernsten, the skinsman reckons their second effort sees them shed the fantasy and fiction approach of their debut, instead leaning into horror and reality more heavily. “The cover depicts an open spell book spewing forth witches, devils and other ghastly things,” he notes of David Thiérrée’s cover artwork, continuing: “These are all subject matters within Deadly Charms‘ songs.”

The visual aspect of Spellbook is clearly important to them; their logo has evolved to include an owl and broomstick embellishment on this one [shush, I didn’t mention Harry Potter], and they clearly dress to impress. It holds true that they’re not going to scrimp on their album covers; this side of the creative process is one they relish: “We’ve been fortunate to work with so many great artists over the years on different albums dating back to our Witch Hazel days and enjoy the excitement of a new artist on each project we do.”

Spellbook’s debut is available to buy here, but you’ll need to wait till September to be seduced by Deadly Charms.

Rehmeyer’s Hollow
Her Spectral Armies
The Witch Of Riley Creek
Deadly Charms
Night Of The Doppelganger
Out For Blood

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