With more than 20 years of operation, and more than 120 artists on their roster, Relapse Records have announced that their entire catalog of releases is now available online to stream via the label’s page on Bandcamp.  Internet users can now stream Relapse’s releases for free, or download high quality files for a small price.


In addition to having artists from its current roster, Relapse has set up a different Bandcamp page featuring Relapse alumni, with selected songs available to stream, or similar to their current roster page, have users download high quality files for a small fee.  Bands on the Relapse Alumni page include Amorphis, High on Fire, Mastodon, and Neurosis.


Relapse Records has also stated that fans should continuously keep a close watch to both pages, as the label will periodically post new releases as well as rarities for listeners to enjoy.


For those unfamiliar with Bandcamp, it is an online music store set up for independent artists to promote their music by means of allowing for streaming audio as well as the purchase of songs to be downloaded.  The site is free to join, and organizers of the website only take a small fee from the artists, which is set on a scale dependant on how many purchases are made from each artist.  Bandcamp has gained attention in recent years when artists began to give up their label contracts and use only Bandcamp and Twitter as a means of promotion.  Files downloaded are available in mp3 and FLAC formats, as well as m4a.

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