To celebrate 25 years of Earache records the label has put out a compilation entitled ‘Earache: Worlds Shortest Album’, in an attempt at yet another record to go with their reputation for worlds shortest song and music video, both of these titles being held by Napalm Death for the song ‘You Suffer’ and Brutal Truth for their video ‘Collateral Damage’. The album clocks in at a miniscule one minute and twenty seven seconds, obliterating the previous record held by Canadian dance group Chromeo. However the attempt has been rejected by Guinness due to the fact they are no longer recognising ‘worlds shortest’ records, releasing the following statement:


“The nature of competing to make something the ‘shortest’ by its very nature trivialises the activity being carried out, and Guinness World Records has been forced to reject many claims of this kind.  As such, we have been forced to cease listing records for the shortest song, shortest poem and indeed the shortest concert.”


With that said you can still brutalise your lug-holes by downloading ‘Earache: Worlds Shortest Album’ here.


The track listing is as follows:


01. Napalm Death – You Suffer (00:04)
02. Napalm Death – Dead (00:05)
03. Napalm Death – Your Achievement (00:06)
04. Wormrot – False Grind Sodomy (00:04)
05. Wormrot – You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem (00:04)
06. Brutal Truth – Collateral Damage (00:04)
07. A.C. – Howard Wulkan’s Bald (00:09)
08. Lawnmower Deth – Be Scene Not Heard (00:07)
09. Painkiller – Trailmarker (00:08)
10. Brutal Truth – Blockhead (00:07)
11. Morbid Angel – Bil Ur-Sag #2 Lava (00:06)
12. A.C. – Windchimes Are Gay (00:10)
13. Insect Warfare – Street Sweeper (00:13)

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