Melodic death metal Swedes In Flames will be releasing a new album in September this year, if what appears on their website is to be believed.


Rather than just releasing a press release or posting the cover art with a date next to it, In Flames appear to have tried to pull off an April fool’s trick ten days too late. The other day (April 10) the band warned fans that their website had been hacked and they were working on fixing it.


They said via Facebook: “We have encountered some issues regarding our online platforms. We want to assure you that no Jesterhead member information has been compromised, and our team is working on a solution right now. We apologize for the inconvenience.”


The message on their website by supposed ‘hackers’ is in god-awful English and font and reads something along the lines of them being ‘trolled’ for too long by In Flames. It ends with a ‘threat’ that they would leak any info they have today, which they have.  However, click on the link and what appears is a short video accompanied by Sony, Razzia and Epic Records respective logos, signalling this was all one big PR stunt. In fact, if it is the job of hackers they can’t be that good because the only information the video contains is that the new album will be called Siren Charms and released in September. You’d think professionals would have at least released some compromising pictures of Anders Fridén in the bath or something.


Anyway, Siren Charms will be the band’s tenth album and first since 2011’s Sounds Of A Playground Fading. Let’s hope it’s better than this little stunt.


To see the video head over to the official In Flames website here.


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