Canadian thrashers Exciter have reunited with the original line-up. Drummer/singer Dan Beehler, bassist Alan Johnson and guitarist John Ricci are back together, ready to take things to the extreme once more.


Not that long ago, on 25 February 2014, a message appeared on the Exciter facebook page informing fans of John Ricci’s  decision to retire from music. This was, apparently, false. John Ricci has released the following statement:


“I want to comment on my so-called ‘retirement’ which was posted on various sites on February 24 by the former Exciter members. I just want to say I never said I was going to retire. In my opinion, this retirement announcement was fabricated exaggeration. What I did say is that ‘I need a break from music’ due to some rebellious behaviour from one of the musicians in the band. So, at this point, all that B.S. is behind me and I am now focusing on delivering some new ear-splitting, brain-rattling METAL with Dan and Allan”. He continues: “I want to thank all the loyal and dedicated fans and music industry individuals that contacted me during this false retirement statement and offering their support and a positive outcome to a situation that was non-repairable. Hope to see you soon with horns high and fists in the air!'”


To celebrate their reunion, Exciter are playing a special show with all their classics at Keep It True festival in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany, on 24 April 2014. What’s more, the band states that “new material will eventually follow”.

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