Swedish sailors of the macabre, Mortuus, are tolling the bells once more. Their second, as-yet-untitled full-length will be released by The Ajna Offensive in 2014. Meanwhile, the band has confirmed its appearance at the Aurora Infernalis festival for 25 October 2014 and has provided a sample to the world.


On the night between 14-15 April 2014, the moon was dyed red by the shadow of the Earth. As an offering to this total lunar eclipse, Mortuus released the first sample of their upcoming second album. “That dreary light of the morning star swept by… and look what we found,” the band transmitted.


Mortuus were founded in 2003. So far, they have released the Mortuus EP (2005) and the absolutely mesmerising De Contemplada Morte; De Reverencie Laboribus Ac Adorationis (2007). Breaking seven years of silence, the band is now ready to strike back. You can listen to the unmastered version of the song Grape Of The Vine below.


Mortuus will be ripping a hole in the earth at Aurora Infernalis festival, The Netherlands. Svartidaudi are headlining. Sapientia and Cult Of Fire  forces will be there too, while more bands are to be announced.

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