Finnish ghouls Hellspirit have inked a deal with Saturnal Records! The band’s first full-length Dawn Under Curse is due on 26 May 2014.


Formed in 2004, Hellspirit put out two demos during the years 2005-2006. They also recorded a split with the Australian Nocturnal Graves in 2007, titled The Gravespirit Sessions. This was not released until 2010 by Nuclear War Now! Productions, due to numerous difficulties on the way.


After multiple personnel changes, a lineup was stabilised in 2011 and Hellspirit started working on a debut full-length with a whole new intensity. The musical style of Hellspirit had changed with time, shifting from a straightforward thrash-oriented black metal to a more epic and war-like black metal with prominent influences of thrash and heavy metal.


The problems for the band did not end there, however. The label they were then on ceased all activities before releasing Hellspirit’s first full-length. “The band was perhaps one of the most prominent ones in Finland’s underground scene at the time, and yet an unsigned artist” the press release from Saturnal Records insists.


Fast forward to 2014. The band states: “We have been crawling through mud, blood and shit. But here we are, stronger than ever! We have signed with Saturnal records, and our first full-length will be released soon!”


Watch the video for the song ‘Weak Flesh – Filthy Blood’ here



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