Nocturnal Fear announce new lineup in their continued war on false metal

Led by Michigan thrash institution Nocturnal Fear, the battle against false metal rages on! Outmanned and outgunned pockets of resistance continue to inflict serious carnage upon the enemy. From the frontlines, Nocturnal Fear reports: “Our perimeter is now fortified by ‘The Axes Of Death’ Chris on guitar and new ‘SpecialForces Kommando’ Warmonger on bass. That’s right! An alliance has been formed with the enigmatic nuclear-war bass-assassin Warmonger! The prophesied Circle Of Iron is complete!”

Even now, deep underground in their reinforced concrete blast-proof bunker, Nocturnal Fear plan their next onslaught, Excessive Cruelty, again to be released by Moribund Records. “We shall emerge no sooner than this winter, STRONGER, FASTER, LOUDER, and HEAVIER to unleash an assault that will CRUSH the enemy into submission,” says the band. “Trendy false-metal scum are in for a rude awakening, for they have made a fatal error in miscalculating the resolve of the true legions of metal – Nocturnal Fear ‘bangers kill!!!”

A release date for Nocturnal Fear’s Excessive Cruelty will be announced later this year.

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