Negură Bunget working on “Transilvanian Trilogy”

Members of Romania’s atmospheric black metal band Negură Bunget are now working on a non-verbal movie titled “Transilvanian Trilogy”. Each part of the triptych will be available separately, with an identity of its own, but also combined for a multiplied impression. Three movies will be developed by Negură Bunget and visual artist Daniel Dorobantu, while the soundtrack will take the shape of three full-length albums composed and recorded by Negură Bunget, orchestra and traditional ensemble with the help of modern composer Dan Popescu.


The first part of the trilogy, titled “Tău” (meaning “your” in English) will unveil the natural landscapes of Transilvania, by exploring 9 unique natural places, with their mystique atmosphere, legends and meanings. The second part will explore the human components, the traditions and practices, the connection with the nature, the way this relation shaped the spiritual horizon of the local inhabitants. The last part will focus on the spiritual elements, the values that defined and made these lands immortal.


To find out more on the project go to

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