Hertfordshire experimental BMers The Meads of Asphodel have started work on a new album. The band has published the following press statement:


“Metatron is to go to krakow/ Poland  in November to research  Auschwitz for  for the new Meads of Asphodel album that will be titled, Sonderkommando. The concept behind the release is to see the holocaust from the eyes of the Jewish Sonderkommando [these were the unfortunate workers who removed the corpses from the gas chambers, and after removing teeth/hair and valuables, cremated them]. It is their story that is born from literally from Hell on earth. From their words the album will lament on  the burning death pits, Block 11, the crematoriums, the daily arrival of the trains and their  human freight destined to the jaws of murder and to be stacked like logs in a factory of death.


Metatron will record narratives and parts of the album on site in Auschwitz to capture some of the horror of a unique chapter in history. Genocide is nothing new in the precarious path of human evolution, but the systematic murder on an industrialized scale of a race of people is exclusively German in origin and set in Poland during World War Two. The album will focus on the inhumanity of humanity, on the death camps and the surrounding nations [to their shame] who systematically embraced this indiscriminate slaughter of unarmed civilians.


As Metatron says, “Maybe some things are best forgotten, maybe unspoken. Then again, maybe they should never be forgotten, and if spoken of, maybe the world will be a better place by remembering.”

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