London-based death metal terrorists Lvcifyre announce release date, cover atwork and title of their first full-length album, Svn Eater. 


Formed in 2007, the band honours a murky, destructive, Incantation-style metal of death.  Past and present activities of their members include acts like Adorior, Necrosadist , Devilish Impressions and Enthroned.


ZT contacted the band regarding the release and this is what they had to say: “The album was recorded between May and July 2013 at Blackout Multimedia Studio in Brussels, with producer Jeremie Bezier. The album contains 9 hymns of death metal darkness.” If that short response doesn’t give you much to go on, fear not as you can get a taste of the album here.


With the amazing Timo Ketola in charge of the artwork, one guesses the cover is only a small part of the story!


The album will be released on 21 January 2014 by Dark Descent Records.

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