Sad news for fans of French hardcore unit Kickback. With a statement released on 7 December 2013,  the band announced the termination of its existence.


Kickback were formed in 1991 in Paris. Their presence was sparse but totally venomous: five albums of some of the most hate-filled hardcore around and random live appearances that were generally remembered for their intensity, violence and overall foulness.
After many lineup changes throughout the years, Stephen Bessac remained the only original member. In 2009 Toxik H. (Arkhon Infaustus, Diapsiquir) debuted with Kickback on their a-m-a-z-i-n-g album No Surrender. Since then, things seemed to somehow pick up, with more frequent live shows and a new album (Et Le Diable Rit Ave Nous) only two years later.


The band’s webpage had been taken down for some time. When it returned, the statement read: “As you all have seen by now, the last tour got cancelled because of personal reasons. What you need to know is minimal, it won’t change anything anyway. The entity in the form you’ve been used to is no more and is unlikely to ever exist again. The page was closed to avoid the gossips, lies and revisionism that usually go hand-in-hand with this kind of situation. It is now reopen for archival purpose only. PS: Anyone that talks shit or disrespect the band in any manner whatsoever will get kicked out and banned. END OF TRANSMISSION“


Since then, the page was closed again. So we’ll leave it at that. Respect.


Thanks for dropping in!

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