Following up on the hammering of Thou Art Lord’s latest album, The Magus summons a new storm under the spell of Principality Of Hell. Their first strike, Brimstone & Fire, will be released in 2014 via World Terror Committee.


Surely, with The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer fresh on the shelves and with Necromantia always lurking, The Magus must be a very busy man. So what is it that drove him and his partners in crime, El (Nergal) and Maelstorm (Ravencult, Dodsferd, Dephosphorous), both also in Thou Art Lord, to form Principality of Hell? “Our passion for and dedication to the bands we grew up with: Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Sodom etc! This modern ‘the more complex, the better’ approach to black metal provided the push for us to form this band. This is music based on our roots, which are also the roots of the genre. Powerful black-thrash-dark ‘n’ roll metal! Let’s not forget that it was Venom who named the genre.”


The Magus always pens intense and vivid lyrics so what’s his take on this endeavour? “Our lyrics go hand-in-hand with our music; dark, devilish, twisted and sunk into the abyss – straight out of the Principality of Hell! Compared to my other bands, the lyrics are more straightforward and crushing.” Something we should be looking forward to soon, then? “Brimstone & Fire will be out in the first quarter of 2014. Once it’s out, we will start thinking about future plans.”


Check out this sample:


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