Killing Joke’s singer, Jaz Coleman, is preparing a special crossover venture under the title Orchestrated Nirvana: A Requiem To Kurt Cobain. Jaz signed a deal through The Savoy Group and Universal Caroline for this new project on 8 April 2014 and is fast at work.


Killing Joke is a band that embodies the essence of the leftfield. Twisting the punk scene around with their debut in 1980, they pushed on and never rested on their laurels. To this day (well, at least until their latest album, 2012’s MMXII) Killing Joke is a band that explores new space on record and takes the audience’s breath away live.


Jaz Coleman, the mastermind behind all that, is a classical composer and arranger. Besides various other projects, in the past he has covered works of Pink Floyd and The Doors using classical orchestra. The madness continues with Coleman’s announcement that he is working on a similar project for Nirvana songs! Orchestrated Nirvana: A Requiem To Kurt Cobain is exactly what the title says. Jaz Coleman directed the orchestral version of the classic song ‘Lithium’ at the opening ceremony of the Dubai World Cup on March 2014.


Coleman remains quite silent regarding this project, presumably leaving the music speak for itself. A short announcement on the Killing Joke facebook page mentions: “Those of you that have followed the history of KJ know that between legal wrangles with Nirvana over 80s and Dave Grohl playing on 2003 that there is plenty of history between the bands.”


Watch Jaz Coleman directing Lithium at Dubai World Cup


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