Issue 108 Winter edition

What’s not to admire about this photograph of Dave Vincent below, captured giving a masterclass in simply getting on with the show. Snapped by Justin Colaiacovo, a mate of Leon’s and mine, at the Vltimas show a few months back, it’s a great visual reminder that there’s always good reason to stand tall and remain professional. I didn’t get to the show, but this photograph captures the night’s debrief: Yeah, so the turnout wasn’t as hoped, but the band didn’t let that put them off delivering an exceptional performance. I like this photo so much I think I might sellotape a copy to my computer monitor and ask myself “What would David do?” next time I’m in need of motivation. I’m not kidding. And so, after a publishing delay unrivalled across our 18-year history, I’m pleased, relieved and also quite excited to give you issue 108. The anticipation! There’s more detail about the delay in the news section, page 004 if you’re interested, but after the wait, I think you’ll find the contents herein are as lovingly crafted as always – and the covermount CD makes a great accompanying soundtrack.

As you well know, we welcome Behemoth, and more specifically Nergal to this issue’s cover. We’ve a rich archive of interviews with the inimitable face of Polish death metal, and yet again he generously gave Calum Harvie more quoteworthy material than one writer can sensibly handle; I can’t tell you how many snippets I extracted as pullquote fodder while I was subbing it. The interview gives us a wonderful insight into the thoughts and drive behind an artist who moves with supreme intention. Some might whince at the determination with which Nergal speaks; but it’s those words transferred into action that make Behemoth such a powerful force in extreme music and beyond our dingy realm. Their ever increasing popularity with audiences far larger than others of their ilk could dream of commanding hands them the keys to open new doors into the underground for new listeners; listeners who might otherwise remain aboveground musically. And for that, Behemoth should be congratulated – which is what we’re doing… (All said, it turns out that Lord Randall isn’t all that keen on the album; bit of a shame since he reviewed it! Oh well, you can’t win ’em all… can you… Nergal?).


Lisa Macey

CD covermount tracklist 14 tracks including new music from the likes of Strigoi, Crippled Black Phoenix, Black Lava, Cerberus, Thirteen Goats and more!

Propaganda News snippets and ‘Take 5’ influential albums; this issue Sigh’s Mirai shares his picks.

Cover Feature Behemoth’s lead actor Nergal talks to Calum Harvie about new album Opvs Contra Natvram and the band’s dogged perseverance

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Reviews & Release Of The Issue

Moving Targets
Live reviews
Vltimas and the 2022 installment of Bloodstock Open Air

Inside Information | Behind The Scenes
Artist Profile Rok of Sadistik Exekution shares the story behind his artwork
The Last Word Masami Akita of Merzbow lends his thoughts to the final editorial page of the issue

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