Issue 104 Winter edition

Many years ago, at the end of the 1990s when I worked on another well-known, and recently departed music magazine, the then editor would receive, in the post – mildly threatening handwritten letters, in crayon, signed off with a forename and a town in Wales – XXXXXX from XXXXXXX – you get the idea. To say such and such from wherever was disgruntled by some of the editorial choices from time to time is something of an understatement – and I’m pretty certain my mind isn’t playing tricks on me when it recalls a crayon drawing of sheep meeting their fate… Yeah, there was a definite message there in that waxy drawing.

As time passed, XXXXXX’s letters took on a life of their own – in all honesty, there probably weren’t very many of them, but they morphed into office folklore; editorial decisions would provoke a ‘would XXXXXX from XXXXXXX’ approve, while stifling a snigger, shoulders shaking under the strain.

Fast-forward to about 4 years into ZT’s existence, and a disgruntled ‘reader’ starts griping about certain editorial choices. Cradle Of Filth is a particular bone of contention. In fact, a mere mention of the UK’s seminal ’90s black metal band risks us losing this reader’s readership FOREVER we’re told (the trade off seems to be us simultaneously gain a bad mannered penpal in return). But, there’s that niggling feeling; something seems familiar… Scruffy letters with scrawled handwriting… it’s then that I decide to browse this disgruntled reader’s social media… I’m looking for a town. A Welsh one… BINGO!

I reckon my investigative skills are wasted in this job! I’m 99.9999999999% certain this XXXXXX is the same XXXXXX who waged war on that other magazine… Sadly, after further exchanges over the following years XXXXXX’s comments and emails don’t get through our email spam filter any longer so we no longer enter into any conversations. And fortunately, I really couldn’t give a ratsass what XXXXXX or any other keyboard warrior thinks is ‘correct’ within their narrow remit, which is perhaps why welcoming Cradle’s Dani Filth to this issue’s cover feels just that bit sweeter than usual.

Lisa Macey

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CD covermount tracklist 16 tracks including new music from Gaahls Wyrd, Somnent, Autokrator, Vomit Division and many more!

Propaganda News and Take 5 with Sodom

Cover Feature Cradle Of Filth

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