Issue 099 New Year edition

099 New Year 2021

Here we are again – it’s either almost/already a brand new year depending on when you picked this up after the 31 December onsale date, or how long the post’person’ took to reach you! Who knows what 2021 holds in store for all of us? I’m a cynic by nature so I’ll swerve the subject and avoid sending you down various rabbit holes with different nightmarish scenarios at the bottom of them and wish you all an innocent Happy New Year instead.

Did you notice that this is our 99th edition – we’re teetering deliciously close to our next landmark issue: #100. But more on that another time, and on to the last of our two-digit issues, which has been put together at breakneck speed to make sure it avoids getting tangled up in various Christmas and Covid-related delays.

I must admit that despite admiring their fine array of winklepickers, I’ve not managed to get to know our cover stars Tribulation as well as I should have over the years. Yes, we’ve interviewed them – and did so for the first time many moons ago – so like you maybe, I’ve read what they’ve said – and have had an inconsequential blast of them here and there in the office, but I’ve never fully immersed myself in their music…. until now. I know that some people wrongly assume that every writer or person involved in music journalism should know all there is to know about every band – ever – but that’s just not the case…. Like every other consumer of extreme music, there are some bands I arrive at slightly late to the party – and that’s the way I like it as it means the joy of discovery is always possible. We’re spoiled by advance access to releases left, right and centre – so it’s great to discover excitement and enjoyment when it’s so easy to become overwhelmed and jaded by the sheer amount of music there is to digest. I was sent a very early copy of the Swedes’ new album, Where The Gloom Becomes Sound, and found it to be utterly captivating – and so it’s the first of their albums I have really listened to deeply…. Having read José’s review of said album, I’ll be returning to their earlier material – as commendable a score he gave their latest – he is still of the mind that their earlier releases have the edge. I said I was a cynic didn’t I – having listened to this new album intently, I’d be surprised if their earlier material demonstrates the kind of musical maturity on display here, but I’d be chuffed to be proved wrong – or not – as that’s the beauty of music – it’s subjective – there is no right or wrong, opinions are opinions, and we’re all really pleased to have been able to give you ours for 099 issues!

Until #100… Lisa Macey

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CD covermount tracklist 16 tracks including new music from The Amenta, The Machinist, Growth and many more…

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Cover Feature Tribulation

Deeds Of Flesh | Asphyx | Hell-Born | Horna | Eternum | Dread Sovereign | Wardruna | Crystal Viper | Harakiri For The Sky | The Amenta | accept | Sodom | Stargazer | Windir

Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal
Frozen Soul | Azarth | The Scalar Process | Undergang | Chaos Catharsis | Stass

Notes From Underground | Spanish black metal
Eternal Dissonance | Wintershadow

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
A Stick And A Stone | Domkraft | Cardinal Wyrm

Rapid Fire | Short Sharp Shocks!
Mephistofeles | Bloodletter | Bhleg | Stormkeep | Scour | Beaten To death | Taur-im-duinath | Growth | Névoa | Exarcis | Dormanth | Mienakunaru

Reviews & Release Of The Issue

Inside Information | Behind The Scenes
Label Profile
Dark Essence
Call From The Grave Coroner
Artist Profile Nona Limmen
Behind The Scenes Chromium Dioxide Radio

Photograph by Nona Limmen, this issue’s featured artist

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