Issue 098 Winter 2020 edition

098 Winter 2020

I’ve been tasked with not mentioning dea….es and Cov….9 in my editorial message. You should know me well enough by now to know that the former is very hard. Anyway. Deep breath…. It’s taken 097 issues and 16 years of publication for us to welcome Anaal Nathrakh to the cover of Zero Tolerance – that’s a really long time when it’s put like that. Almost equally as long – 15 years in fact – is the time between Mick Kenney’s last stated interview for a music magazine and this one – and because of that small fact, we think that this issue’s cover interview with both members, Dave Hunt and the elusive Mr Kenney, is really quite special, so we hope you’ll enjoy it as they enlighten us on their eleventh full-length album Endarkenment, the band’s mutual respect for Manowar and various other tidbits surrounding Co….. (I didn’t say it!).

Joining Anaal Nathrakh are the usual broad range of artists, from fellow Brummies Benediction who are back in action with original vocalist Dave Ingram – to Opium Warlord, the latest creative effort from Sami Albert “Witchfinder” Hynninen (The Reverend Bizarre – remember?) – which is proving to be something of a marmitey affair. But that old adage about arseholes and opinions always holds true – everyone’s got one – and noteworthily our writers have been busy exposing theirs as they’ve ripped through over 100 releases for this issue’s review section – which features some surprising results.

Like last issue, this issue I’m going to draw your attention to a creative talent named Polar Maya (real name Maya Kurkhuli) – all I can say is wow! Her artwork’s so impressive that I’m mentioning it here to give me a good reason to squeeze another of her pieces in somewhere. If I could play anything well other than the spoons I’d ask her to do my artwork.

Anyway, that’s me done for the issue – see you at the end of December for issue 099 – which does of course mean that I should be wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Blimey.

Lisa Macey

p.s. I can’t play the spoons really.

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CD covermount tracklist 17 tracks including new music from Deeds Of Flesh, Tombs, Cult Burial, Dismal, Skeleton Pit and many more…

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Cover Feature Anaal Nathrakh

Benediction | Insidious Disease | Loudblast | Necrophobic | Contrarian | Evildead | Solitary | Dark Tranquillity | Mork Gryning | The Deviant | Wayfarer | Audn | Opium Warlord | Eternal Champion | Pallbearer | Crippled Black Phoenix

Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal
Toxaemia | Slaughterday | Gravfraktal | Brave The Cold | Heads For The Dead | Sépulcre

Notes From Underground | Morthern Irish Black Metal
Neamhni | Dyrmoon | Dratna

Dark Entries | Dark Ambient & Experimental Repository
Richard Skelton | Colossloth | Taphephobia

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
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Reviews & Release Of The Issue

Inside Information | Behind The Scenes
Label Profile
Pulverised Records
Call From The Grave Kreator
Artist Profile Polar Maya
View From The Bunker Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ Averill’s column

Illustration by Polar Maya, this issue’s featured artist

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