Issue 096 Summer 2020 edition

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096 Summer 2020

What a surreal few months, and I hope that everyone reading this has come through it relatively unscathed – though, of course, I’m acutely aware that won’t be the case: artists; writers; labels; publicists; readers – many of you have been affected by Covid-19, if not yourself or someone you know, then your life as you know it – work, study, whatever, will no doubt have been touched in some way. We’ve faced a few challenges ourselves; nothing that hasn’t been possible to work through, but a few additional obstacles to jump over in getting this issue out – but here it is, I’d like to give everybody involved – everyone – a ‘clap’… or perhaps just a very BIG thank you.

And, a very warm welcome to the record number of new subscribers that have joined us over the past few months; a little note to you all to clarify that even though we’re only out six times a year, the longer than normal gap between issue 095 and 096 will hopefully be a rarity – our schedules are updated frequently on our website to take any delays into account, so have a look there if you’re wondering when the next one’s due. I hope you enjoy your time with us and that we’ll be able to count you as long-term subscription converts.

And then there’s our new digital readers who have taken advantage of an entirely new distribution channel for us – yes, it took us a while to get there, and though the format is very much secondary to the physical magazine, it’s no less worthy of your readership if a paperless habit floats your boat – and you won’t miss out on the covermount CD if you do go digital as all the tracks are embedded in the digital magazine. The wonders of technology never cease to enthrall.
And so it is time to hand you on to the many and varied individuals we’ve gathered together for you here, spearheaded by the UK’s very own Winterfylleth, whose latest album The Reckoning Dawn is an absolute beast that raises the UK black metal bar to dizzying heights. Onwards to the escapism provided herein, and see you at the very end of August/start of September with our 97th edition – the countdown to issue 100 begins….

Lisa Macey

CD covermount tracklist 16-tracks including Rannoch, Revenge, Carach Angren, Witchskull, Holycide and more

Propaganda News, Maze Of Torment crossword, playlists

Cover Feature Winterfylleth [inc. related Atavist interview]

Secrets Of The Moon | Paradise Lost | Oranssi Pazuzu | Cryptic Shift | Vader | Withering Surface | Ensiferum | Fellwarden | An Autumn For Crippled Children | Hexvessel | Bell Witch & Aerial | Mora Prokaza | Paysage d’Hiver | Carach Angren

Notes From Underground | English Black Metal
Old Forest | Old Corpse Road | Ritual Flail

Altars Of Madness | Underground Death Metal
Bombs Of Hades | Black Curse | Centinex | Purtenance | Kurnugia | Voidceremony

A Funeral Inquest | The Doom Repository
Witchskull | Noctu | Lesser Glow

Dark Entries | Dark Ambient & Experimental Repository
Noveller | Helen Money

Rapid Fire | Short Sharp Shocks!
Nyrst | Rannoch | Azath | Obnoxious Youth | Shrapnel | Obscene | Sandstorm | Dark Forest | Colosso | Enshadowed | Holycide | Zedi Forder | Basement Torture Killings | Valdrin | Midwife | The Wizar’d | Burial | Xibalba | Cosmic Putrefaction | Serment | Stygian Crown | Mantar | Sanctifying Ritual | Cosmic Burial | Jonathan Hulten | Irist | Walpurgia

Reviews & Release Of The Issue

Inside Information | Behind The Scenes
Label Profile Unique Leader Records
Call From The Grave | Megadeth
Artist Profile | Daniel Valencia

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