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SPOILER ALERT: Issue 096’s crossword answers

We made this issue’s crossword Mercyful Fate-related. Check how your trivia measured up – or cheat. The choice is yours.

3 Singer’s stage name (come on!)
4 Debut album title
6 Producer who worked on their debut album (2 Words)
7 Name of King Diamond’s 2017 born son
8 Drummer between 1981-1985 (2 words)
10 One of Mercyful Fate’s first demo recordings —– – — ——– (4 Words)
11 Track 4 on Melissa – — —– – — —– —- (7 Words)
12 Band of original MF guitarists (3 Words)
14 “Problematic” track that made the PMRC’s ‘filthy 15’ list of objectionable songs (3 Words)
15 Band that led to the formation of Mercyful Fate
18 Long-time guitarist (2 Words)
20 King Diamond’s real name (3 Words)
21 Name of Hungarian actress / singer
married to King Diamond (2 Words)

1 Name of record label that released first two albums (2 Words)
2 Short-lived bassist in Mercyful Fate’s early days (2 Words)
5 King Diamond’s first solo single (4 Words)
9 Name of studio where their debut was recorded (3 Words)
10 Place Mercyful Fate hail from
13 Month in 1984 that saw the release of their second album Don’t Break The Oath
16 Deep Purple singer King Diamond is cited as being one of his greatest musical inspirations
(2 Words)
17 Current bass player (2 Words)
19 First album character’s ‘profession’

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