You may recall Aeons joined us on the covermount of issue 103 with their barnstorming track ‘Rubicon‘. Well, now we are very pleased to première the brand new video for ‘Blight‘, a visually stunning offering that shows the varied depths to this insanely talented band’s song-writing abilities.


Band name: AEONS
Formed: 2016
Origin: Isle of Man
Current release: Consequences (2021)
url: https://aeons.online

Where do you come from, what’s in your band name, and who are your band members?

Hey! We are AEONS from the Isle of Man – which if you don’t know is the rock between England, Scotland and Ireland famous for it’s epic TT races. We are Skippy on Vocals, Si and Scott on guitar and vocals, Joe on Bass and Justin on drums.

AEONS as a name comes from the first track we ever wrote – ‘Strange Aeons‘ – which you can find on our first release A Tragic End available from all good bandcamps.

Where are you going musically? Describe your musical output.

We style ourselves as a Prog Metal band but in reality we do whatever the fuck we want to. There’s more diversity in the band in terms of genres that we are interested in than most, we believe. And that means we get to explore a multitude of musical directions within what is commonly described as “Prog”. We have chosen to use this diversity as a strength so no two Aeons albums sound like the others – always something new for the listeners. Just know there’s gonna be some long ones on there….

Is there a concept to your music lyrically or aesthetically?

There is a concept to each album in that the songs have a thematic thread but in terms of the band the diversity kicks in again and changes it up. We tell stories, offer allegorical dioramas and tend to focus less on “first person emotion” so much as changing the frame of reference to the observer. On Consequences we offered 7 stories about the consequences of action or inaction but the songs themselves are so wildly different from each other it’s only the lyrical component that binds them together. Again, we see that as strength so the listener doesn’t have the same bedrock of music times seven to have different experiences but the genre of each song fits the concept.

How do you think you differ from your contemporaries and who are they?

While we take leanings from bands like Opeth for the prog, Spiritbox for the groove and Dream Theater for the lack of concern about length, there is no one major influence. But genre-wise we can add EDM, country, folk and Fusion into the mix (although you won’t hear it played straight) because we all have different musical backgrounds. As such, we don’t like to compare our output to other bands, we just write whatever we like, do the best we can and hope people enjoy it! We are proud to sound like Aeons and hopefully people can start to pick that out as we progress.

Who / what influences your music?

See above. Literally anything. From an OST to a video game soundtrack to contemporary and orchestral music. It all goes in the Prog metal pot and gets boiled in with the Aeons secret sauce. And the secret sauce is that we don’t care to stick to one thing.

Why did you select the track included on the ZT covermount to represent you? Tell us a little bit about it – what’s it about, how does it fit in with the rest of your CD? 

We picked ‘Rubicon‘ from Consequences for the ZT Cover CD track as we believe it’s the most straight-forward of the tracks and has a great bounce and heaviness to it that should engage the widest audience. It’s an observation of the power of dangerously unregulated, fact-less media and how, with a short step back, you can cross the Rubicon and start to look at the world as it is, not as how you believe it to be because that fits your narrative. It’s also quite technical and melodic which should showcase what we can do in 5 minutes. Then, when they listen to the album they can hear the other layers and – hopefully – find more to explore and experience, rather than the same song again and again.

Tell us a bit about the writing and recording process. How do you write, and when it came to recording, did you choose a particular studio / home record?   

Everything is written, recorded and produced by us here on the IOM. No external studios, no external influences etc… That way we can remove the precedents of “it’s done like this” and instead just bond as five mates writing what we feel is great music and doing it the way we feel it should be done. For better or worse. But either way you’re going to get something new…

Do you play live and if so, have you any dates coming up?

With COVID we were lucky enough here on the island not to be hampered by lockdowns so we were able to play locally a lot. But as for the UK and beyond that’s something for 2022. We had started to plan a 2020 tour to promote our first album before the world shut down but we are eternally grateful to live on an island that let us write and hang out as band when just across the water that simply wasn’t possible for a lot of people…

Do you have an ultimate plan / goal for the band? Are you planning any new recordings etc.?

We are currently recording our third album, which has come quickly off the success of Consequences. With that we are hoping to garner some industry interest in addition to what we have already achieved – which for a band from a small island like the IOM we are already humbled by the awesome reception that album has garnered. Live dates to support the new album? Definitely. But strategic ones. We can’t just hop down the road like some bands can on the mainland we have to plan carefully to leave the IOM. But that means we can be surgical in the places we should get the best reception. But before that people need to know who we are. So PR, PR and more PR….

How can ZT readers hear more? 

Our website is https://aeons.online and that has the links to everywhere – especially Bandcamp – where readers can listen in. But also YouTube is where we are staking our flag and keep the releases coming. So please check out the YT channel ( link on the site ) and please give us a Sub if you believe we have deserved it.

Thanks for dropping in!

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